Editorial Policy

What BlcokPulse 360 Stands For

BlcokPulse 360 is a professional and informative news platform, that aims to provide up to the news regarding the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to educate, provide information to all those interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, to enable tracking and discussions on the latest developments. In additional to being fact focused, you can depend on our news being transparent and unbiased.

Accurate Information

The information and news articles that are shared on this site are checked and verified before there are shared. At the time of publication, all the articles are backed by facts. There are opinion pieces shared from our professional and industry expert contributors. It is important that we maintain the highest levels of trust for our readers, and therefore honesty is the key driver behind any information that we share.

To ensure that we are only publishing original content, all the articles that are received are passed through a stringent plagiarism check. If there is any work that appears to be copied, it will not be published.

To encourage a more objective view of the news, you may find various articles covering similar topics from a number of different contributors. We do this to ensure that our readers can benefit from diversity and a number of viewpoints when seeking key information.

The information on this website is objective in nature. BlockPulse 360 does not take any sides when sharing information on issues, projects or different cryptocurrencies. We do however allow for contributors to share their personal opinions and express their views on a range of issues.

Professional Principles

At BlockPulse 360, it is understood that any information or news articles that are written must be done by qualified and knowledgeable writers. For this reason, all writers, journalists and contributors need to sign and adhere to stringent terms and conditions. These conditions include a declaration that their contributions are original and authentic. The declaration captures the Standard Operating Procedures, making it clear for the writers what they must adhere to. Should any articles be found to not adhere to this and other terms, then all articles from the contributor shall immediately be rejected and removed from the platform.

Opinion pieces can also be submitted by contributors, and these include reviews as well. Before these are posted on the website, they must go through the editorial process. The editorial team are unbiased, trustworthy and will ensure that all information corroborates with the right sources. They are experienced in all matters to do with cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology. However, it must be noted that the views and opinions that are shared by the contributors may not reflect the views of BlockPulse 360.

As a contributor to BlockPulse 360, there is no restriction on your owning cryptocurrencies or investing in them. Furthermore, you are also at liberty to invest in blockchain technologies and projects. In fact, we encourage our contributors to actively own or trade in cryptocurrencies so that they can report from a point of experience and real world knowledge on how these operate. Where necessary, contributors will be required to disclose after a post that they hold a financial interest in the article or information that is being shared.

Expressive and Diverse

The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to grow in leaps and bounds each day. This generates a wide array of topics and news pieces, some which are general and others that contribute to certain cryptocurrency niches. To ensure that we consistently have the latest news, we work with both in house as well as external writers or freelancers. We also pursue experts in the cryptocurrency field and put up guest posts from these authors.

To add to the diversity of content on this platform, we occasionally include content from other third party providers. This content is editorial in nature and may be key to understanding what is happening with the cryptocurrency market. This may include information from other press, key stakeholders in the industry, government agencies with updates on policies, universities that have carried out extensive research and even not for profit organizations that provide updates on the best that the market has to offer. We ensure that any information we share is accurate, timely and fully complete.

Diversity remains key and that is why this website is able to link with other websites, particularly those that provide facts and source information. Although not all logos or links that are offered show or imply that they approve everything that these other websites publish. The links are available as a recommendation, to help one get some more information on all that is included in the article. Once one leaves BlockPulse 360 to visit another website, they are bound by the rules and regulations of the new site.