The Person behind the First ICO in the World and the Continuation


Cryptocurrency market includes over than 1,500 cryptocurrencies at this moment, above 250 billion market cap and a few billions of a daily volume. The biggest blockchain is Ethereum, bigger than all the other blockchain combined. Why is that? Because of one simple thing, ICO. Initial Coin Offerings became a hit recently with many ICOs made every single day by people all around the world, some of them are good and most of them are scams. All those ICOs became big and already gathered billions of dollars since the beginning of the year. The biggest ICO so far is Telegram’s one who gathered over 1.7 billion dollars so far through two rounds. And more many huge ICOs which keep gathering millions and billions, it became extremely easy and more than ever risky for the young investors who think they know but put their savings into scams and get themselves into loses they can’t afford.

So you probably wonder when the ICO even started. Unlike the Bitcoin, ICO isn’t that young and the first one was launched in 2013 by J.R Willet who launched Mastercoin which called nowadays Omni, he literally made the perfect method to collect money from investors and so far it’s been proved multiple times by successful ICOs such as Telegram, EOS, Sirin Labs and many more.

Willet may not be taken a big part of the crypto world in the recent years but he definitely never left his passion to Bitcoin and left a legacy to the industry, whether people consider it as a good or a bad thing. Nowadays he is telling that he invested with his own private money a new young ICO that just launched a few months ago which called UpToken.

UpToken is the ICO that was made by Coinme which is the first company to hold a legal license of ATMs in New York and with already dozens of ATMs around the United States of America. UpToken is having its own utility in the ATMs such as discounts and voting ability to polls, but more than ever was made in order to fund the spread around the world with more of the machines by Coinme which already have their own technology installed in their own machines which allow mostly deposit but also withdraw.

And Willet is telling he invested 1 million dollars into this ICO from his personal pocket and not even taking participating in the pre-sale since they didn’t have one, all the tokens were sold at the same price equally to the public and Willet took a part of this and put money in his beliefs.

Willet is known for his passion for Bitcoin since 2010. He launched a Bitcoin mining scheme and telling he paid random people on Craiglist to run his software and that’s how he mined his own bitcoins and gathered some fortune. But the real money came when he launched his first ICO after writing a whitepaper and promising some visionary goals he realized he made much more money than expected from random people around the internet just to send him money, he raised $500,000 worth of bitcoins which drastically went up in value after a short time making his half million to a few million in no time and definitely taking himself a few steps forward and higher than he excepted. In conclusion, Willet is telling that token sales are a great thing that gives the opportunity to people who put hard work and need the money to bring some good things into action and thanks to ICOs they are making this come true.

image via Pixabay

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