China is inspiring, Israel is inspired: How Tron and NEO Thrives in Israel


China is the country with the biggest population in the world than any other country. Including the biggest provider of almost everything in our world right now, not forgetting the technology industry which is hugely influenced by the country. With over billions of people being such a big part of the world’s population making any adoption massive and influencing; doing a lot of impact on the rest of the world. In a matter of fact, many small countries and investors are following the country’s actions towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and Israel is part of those countries.

Israel also is known as the start-up nation with the top startups worldwide relatively. Bringing a lot of fresh, trend and impactful technology to this world and very involved in the biggest industries such as the cryptocurrency & blockchain world with a lot of influence and important people coming from the small country Israel, such as many CEOs of successful ICOs and projects also talking about many developers coming from Israel and working for the top companies in the industry right now. As a very technological state, the communities here admire the biggest providers and the most revolutionary things that are coming from the right places such as Tron and NEO.

Tron, one of the top ranking content entertainment protocol which involves the blockchain technology. From the top team staff of Alibaba and so many influencers and leaders in China’s blockchain industry making this decentralization on the blockchain and climbing to the top. Along with NEO also known as Ethereum of China with already many decentralized apps for the smart economy is also climbing to the top with a lot of admiration. Both are holding a market cap of billions of dollar with the top volumes in the market and coming straight from huge exposure in China and investors bringing also a lot of reasons to look for at other places.

Along with the success and both of those blockchain developments, recently big communities in Israel were made to gather up as investors and visionary people who see any of those projects as a game changer in the future. With a public discourse on a daily basis among the community and tight tracking of any news and changes. Also, partnership companies from Israel itself were tied along with Tron (lawyer department) and other developers find themselves developing on the NEO’s blockchain. The blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, in their glory with a technological vision seeing the nation of pretty much-making everything as an important player in the blockchain’s field. A lot of investments and discussions are exposed and expanded often and hoping to take part of this specific China’s success and change.

Also coming many other startups and new ideas straight from the China land to the blockchain’s industry and looking for actual changes aiming for decentralization and making things that weren’t thought about before. Israel is fully focused and influenced by them, chasing where the real things are with the chance to be something special in the future.

Variety of communities focusing on specific blockchain companies from China, with hundreds or thousands of active members discussing the burning topics. Spread all over the socials media such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram and bringing serious and necessary discussions to the table. Support and admiration are given by many Hebrew websites that approach Israelis only; hodlers and enthusiasts from the industry. Many small communities also support active and public discourse about China’s blockchain and regulations, such as BitCollege, Bitcoin Israel, CryptoPotato and many more. Bringing also the fact that some decentralized apps by Israeli developers are planned to be launched on the NEO’s blockchain, facing the Ethereum’s competition and believing this specific technology and not the mainstream for a reason.

Without forgetting the big volume, the demand for those specific coins over the country. Making an active market all around the country, peer to peer in real life trading, selling and buying among those specific coins that were originally made in China and believing in China’s products and blockchain legacy. Communities, markets and also conferences that happen often especially on Tel Aviv for many developers that believe in those specific blockchain and the languages. Making a united community based on China’s blockchain and their own exclusive successful projects that sweep plenty of people after them and Israel’s communities especially.

Israel Flag image via Pixabay

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