US: Three Things IBM Must Do To Keep Red Hat Acquisition From Sinking The Company

IBM’s announcement that it wants to pay $34 billion for open source leader Red Hat  raised the eyebrows of everyone who follows enterprise tech. The largest software acquisition in history, and for what? Revenues that represent little more than a rounding error for the Armonk behemoth? Open source software that IBM could get for free? Bragging rights, perhaps? None of these explanations can hardly explain the serious green Big Blue is paying for Big Red. Here’s my take. image via Shutterstock

Global: Binance CEO Hints at How XRP can Become a Base Currency on the Platform

Members of the XRP Community have proven to be resilient in getting their voices heard in terms of getting their favorite digital asset added as a base currency on the popular cryptocurrency trading platform of Binance. The reasons the community has cited as to why XRP should be the base on Binance are as follows. image via Shutterstock

Global: KPMG: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are Not Store of Value [Yet]

It will take a long time for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to attain the status of a store-of-value asset, said KPMG in its latest crypto study. The Big Four firm’s “Institutionalization of Cryptoassets” report asserted that assets like bitcoin could neither be used as a medium of exchange nor a store of value, mainly because of lack of trust and scalability. It suggested that crypto sector must undergo institutionalization if it plans to thrive any further concerning stability and adoption. image via Flickr

Switzerland : Switzerland Approves the very first Cryptocurrency ETP includes Bitcoin, Ethereum

While the whole cryptocurrency community has been waiting for the SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF, Switzerland has yet again proved that they are one step ahead than any other country in terms of encouraging institutional investors to participate in this space. According to reports by Financial Times, Switzerland’s main stock exchange has opened its doors for the first ETP tracking multiple cryptocurrencies. SIX Swiss Exchange, based in Zurich, will start the trading of Amun Crypto ETP from next week. The ETP is designed to track an index of the five well-known cryptocurrencies. image via Shutterstock

Global: Industrial-Scale Blockchain Adoption Imminent According to Sberbank CEO

Sberbank’s CEO, Herman Gref, has recently made some waves stating that ”industrial-scale adoption” of blockchain is around the corner. More specifically, Gref suggested that blockchain adoption might increase dramatically in the ”next year or two”. Moreover, it is worth highlighting that these comments do not stem from some insignificant organization. Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia, and the third largest bank in all of Europe. image via Shutterstock


Several Influential Cryptocurrency Media Outlets in China Have Been Blocked

Wechat, an important application in China is used daily to share news, information, chat and even make an order at a restaurant. Wechat communicates with the Chinese government in order to monitor the public’s opinions on the Wechat platform to comply with the local law. Media surrounding blockchain technology has increased with the price of Bitcoin in 2017. At the beginning of 2018, the media increase continued and new outlets started up in China. During March of this year, more than 10 new blockchain media outlets finished financing campaigns. However, this increase in media development has created some controversy. Many cryptocurrency investors criticized the increase as being a proxy and working with the dealer to “cut the leek”, a vivid way to describe the pump and dump by the dealers or the project launchers to make the profits. On August 21, 2018 Chinese Cryptocurrency Media including Jinses Finance, Deepchain Finance, Huobi information...

China: An error Occurred in the System. OKEx Suspended the Withdrawal of Cryptocurrency and Legal Currency Transactions, and Responded That It Was "All Rumors."

On May 22, OKEx appeared to have a variety of bugs. OKEx then issued a response on the official website and suspended the withdrawal of coins and legal currency transactions. Based on the discussion of users in social media, the main issues are: First, the account showed wrong message. If Party A transfers 10k USDT to Party B, and Party B receives 10k USDT, Party A’s account balance won't decrease. Second, the currency price was wrong. BTC/USDT went down from 8220 to 6002 and then quickly returned to normal level. ETH/USDT went up to 736. OKEx responded and said: "It's all rumors." (Chinese) image via flickr

Global: VC Firm Behind Snapchat Looks to Ramp Up Its Crypto Investments

The venture capital firm behind Snapchat is looking at ways to increase their investments in the crypto industry, tech journal Recode reported May 17. Aaron Batalion, a partner at venture capital firm Lightspeed, is leading an effort to boost the firm’s investment by exploring three methods: setting up a new fund, carving out a portion of an existing fund, or launching an entirely new project, Recode reports, citing “sources”. image via Pixabay

The Person behind the First ICO in the World and the Continuation

Cryptocurrency market includes over than 1,500 cryptocurrencies at this moment, above 250 billion market cap and a few billions of a daily volume. The biggest blockchain is Ethereum, bigger than all the other blockchain combined. Why is that? Because of one simple thing, ICO. Initial Coin Offerings became a hit recently with many ICOs made every single day by people all around the world, some of them are good and most of them are scams. All those ICOs became big and already gathered billions of dollars since the beginning of the year. The biggest ICO so far is Telegram's one who gathered over 1.7 billion dollars so far through two rounds. And more many huge ICOs which keep gathering millions and billions, it became extremely easy and more than ever risky for the young investors who think they know but put their savings into scams and get themselves into...

New Voice

New Voice

Introduction: Coconut is a universal payment platform that allows customers to use any cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services. Coconut team is composed by a group of students from Harvard University and MIT, which won the award for best new nascent blockchain project at the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2018. BlockPulse 360 has the chance to conduct an interview with this promising project and team at Harvard University.



Insight Into The Blockchain Trends Of Today And The Future

BlockPulse360 had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with one of China’s most reputable blockchain thinkers, Dr. Feng Han, the co-founder of Elastos, about his take on the current and future trends in the blockchain industry in China. Dr. Han began his journey in the cryptoworld with a background in quantum mechanics, but it was only during an alumni lecture on Bitcoin in 2013 that he was formally introduced to cryptocurrency. Since then, the co-founder of Elastos has been busy at work developing a new operating system to promote decentralization initiatives using blockchain technology. Elastos is an open source, blockchain-driven operating system optimized to run decentralized applications. The thinking behind this technology came from the realization that if traditional applications wanted to connect through blockchain, the most effective way to do so would be through a platform that was also operated by blockchain. And so, Elastos was born. What...

Republic Is Creating An Equal Investment Opportunity for the Public

Republic is an investment crowdfunding platform that facilitates startup financing by main street investors including cryptocurrency investment. BlockPulse360 has the pleasure to sit down with its CEO Kendrick Nguyen at Harvard Business School to discuss the initiative of Republic in the crypto space.

Crypto Market

Global: IOTA price jumped 21% today after Partnership with Japanese Fujitsu

The IOTA price today jumped 21 percent against the US Dollar owing to a strong push from Japan. Fujitsu, a Tokyo-based multinational IT equipment company, released a paper explaining the use of IOTA-focused blockchain as an immutable data storage medium for their audit trail process.  The IT giant expects to integrate IOTA into its manufacturing and supply chain verticals to enable better transparency, data trust, and data security. image via Shutterstock

Global: BitConnect Officially Delisted from the Last Cryptocurrency Exchange that Traded It

The final blow has been dealt to notorious BitConnect: it has finally been delisted from the last remaining cryptocurrency exchange that traded it. As announced in August, exchange desk TradeSatoshi promised to delist BitConnect and its BCC token from its platform on September 10 – and the day has finally come. image via Flickr

Japan: Financial Services Agency Chief Says 'No' To Excessive Crypto Regulation

According to an August 22 report in Reuters, the new chief of Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) sees no need for excessive regulations governing the use of cryptocurrency. Toshihide Endo, who was appointed chief of Japan's FSA in July, told Reutersthat the FSA is looking for ways to protect consumers from scams while still promoting innovation in Japan's tech industry. image via Shutterstock

South Korea: Bithumb New Cryptocurrency Account Issuance Temporary Interrupted

Because Bithumb did not sign a renewal contract with the Nonghyup Bank and the Shinhan Bank. From August 1, the issuance of Bithumb new cryptocurrency account in real name system will be temporarily interrupted. Now, Bithumb is negotiating with the Nonghyup Bank for a renewal. However, the bank said that since Bithumbdid not have the conditions required by Internal Control Standards, it was not renewed. The real-name cryptocurrency account is the service that the Government introduced from January in order to eliminate fictitious currency speculation and improve market transparency. The cryptocurrency exchanges must renew with the bank every six months. (Korean) image via Shutterstock


US: Cryptocurrency Investor Robbed via His Cellphone Account Sues AT&T for $224 Million Over Loss

A U.S. investor filed a $224 million lawsuit against AT&T on Wednesday, accusing the telecommunications giant of negligence that allegedly caused the California resident to lose roughly $24 million in cryptocurrency. image via Flickr

Japan: “Hard Fork Litigation” Lawyers’ Team Launches to Solve the Problem of the Cryptocurrency from the “Hard Fork

The cryptocurrency "hard fork" generates its currency “fork corn”. In order to return the fork corn to the original owner (cryptocurrency dealer), Osaka City established the "Hard Fork Lawyers" office. In the future, it plans to raise more than 10 return litigators on each exchange to promote legal measures. (Japanese) image via Shutterstock

Global: Thomson Reuters Tracks Trading Insights For Top 100 Cryptocurrencies By Analyzing Our Emotions

Do our emotional responses to cryptocurrencies influence price trends? According to media giant Thomson Reuters, they most certainly do. This is why the multinational mass media firm has expanded its sentiment data offerings to track the top 100 cryptocurrencies (by Market Cap via CoinMarketCap) through its partnership with MarketPsych Data LLC, a market leader in quantitative behavioral science. image via Shutterstock  

US: CFTC Cracks Down Harder on Cryptocurrency Fraud under Trump

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has bolstered its police actions in the last fiscal year, driven largely by cryptocurrency cases, according to The Wall Street Journal. Under President Trump, the federal derivatives market regulator levied about $900 million in civil penalties in 2018 alone, exceeding the annual amount in five of the eight years of the Obama administration. The amount had declined in 2017, drawing criticism from consumer groups and some Democrats. image via Shutterstock


US: Accenture to Lead The Institutes’ Blockchain Platform Development

The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance, the insurance organization’s blockchain consortium, said that Accenture P.L.C. will lead development of RiskBlock’s production-grade platform to develop and implement blockchain uses for the industry, The Institutes said in a statement Monday. image via Shutterstock

Global: Adents, Microsoft Collaborate on Blockchain Fraud Detection System

Adents, a serialization and track-and-trace solutions provider, has developed a new unit-level product track-and-trace platform using Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The new Blockchain solution, Adents NovaTrack, was developed in conjunction with Microsoft and debuted at Viva Tech 2018. The system offers end-to-end traceability and visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Unit level track and trace means single product items within a case can be tracked. image via Shutterstock

Global: Novogratz Invests $15M To Mass Produce Crypto Exchanges For Illiquid Assets

Famed hedge fund trader and bitcoin evangelist Mike Novogratz announced today that his Galaxy Digital Ventures is investing $15 million in blockchain startup AlphaPoint, a New York-based company that aims to simplify the way assets are issued on a blockchain by essentially offering customers the technology used to create crypto exchanges. image via Shutterstock

Global: IBM Strives to Secure Drone Activities with the Help of Blockchain

IBM has been exploring new ways to implement blockchain technology to its products and services. The growing number of promising blockchain undertakings is a definite thing to keep an eye on. In line with this progress, IBM is now a patent applicant for a system that employs distributed ledger technology (DLT). The technology will help the tech giant to resolve issues pertaining to privacy and security linked with the growing number of drones that are used for commercial and entertainment purposes. image via Shutterstock